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The Real Housewives of Forsyth County

Admin Mar 20

The Real Housewives of Forsyth County

The Forsyth 12, ring leaders Jeanne Meyers and Jose Barrera. These two masterminds are not the sharpest or brightest. 

The last night anyone saw Tamla Horsford alive, for what we know was Saturday, November 3rd, 2018. All the police interviews say one consistent, believable thing, Tamla Horsford wasn’t drunk, Jennifer Morrell was. She wasn’t slurring or stumbling she was fine, and at the end of the night something happened, and she wanted to leave. Now Stacy Smith and Jeanne Meyers claim it was Tamla’s idea to put her and Stacy’s phones together so their phones wouldn’t sleep alone. Sounds stupid right? It is. So whatever happened between the time of Jose seeing her in the kitchen eating gumbo to her giving Bridgett a goodnight kiss is unknown. But what we know, is this?

Tamla Horsford Murdered

Tamla Horsford Murdered

Madeline saw Tamla, lying face down in the ground. She does nothing, literally; she says she prays and puts water on her face and looks again. Tamla is still lying there; she doesn’t grab her phone to call 9-1-1 or her shoes to check to see if she is ok. Instead, she makes her way upstairs and knocks softly on the door of the room Jeanne, and Jose in sleeping. So faintly she waits and knocks again. 

She tells Jose that she needs him to come to look at something and tells Jeanne that something is wrong with one of her friends. Madeline tells no one to call 9-1-1, Jose throws on a pair of shorts and tells Jeanne to grab his phone.

Jose says he runs down the steps and goes to the backyard and finds Tamla face down in the yard. She’s not responding to her name, Jeanne makes her way down and calmly calls 9-1-1.  Instead of immediately having medical dispatched to her home, she walks the operator through, her alibi. Yes, her alibi. Peacefully and in a matter-of-fact tone, slowly walks her through what happened that previous night to explain why a woman who did not live there was at her house, lying face down in her backyard unresponsive. They were supposed to be here; they were friends. She isn’t speaking to the police; she is talking to a 9-1-1 operator.

Jose then takes the phone from Jeanne and announces himself, because everyone knows Jose Barrera in the county of Forsyth, he is an employee.  He then establishes his version of what seems to be yet, another rehearsed alibi to the 9-1-1 dispatcher.  When she asks, is she breathing, he deflects that she’s stiff. Her leg is stiff. He’s trained in CPR and basic first aid, he didn’t feel for a pulse, but he is copping a feel on this woman’s leg. Not once did Jose, Madeline, or a hung-over Jennifer attempt to give aid, but have rehearsed their alibi and they know it well.

Police arrive, one of the deputy coroners comes, but no medical professionals arrive. A medical professional does not access her, she lays there, unattended to while Jose Barrera and Jeanne Meyers tell the arriving officers it was an accident, and no one saw it happen, but this is how it probably happened.

They took a few pictures when the crime scene tech showed up. Jeanne summoned everyone back that had left, even the couple who went home 15 minutes before her body was found, Stacy and Thomas Smith. 

There wasn’t much of anything done at the scene. Barrera said it was an accident, they know Barrera he is one them, this isn’t a crime scene. There isn’t much that they can do now. Some arriving officers drive Tamla’s car home. Tamla’s husband Lee is unaware his wife is dead; he is about to have the worst day of his adult life.

Nothing was done. Nothing at all.

There was a delay in the time someone found Tamla, and when 911 was eventually called. Because according to Madeline she prayed and washed her face and then looked again before getting Jose. Madeline isn’t a spring chicken nor is Jeanne fresh.

Someone committed a crime, even if it were just a delay in getting help or attempting to cover up what happened.

But how?


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