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Forsyth 12

911 call made by Jose Barrera for Tamla Horsford released

Admin Mar 05

The 911 call made by Jose Barrera for Tamla Horsford has been released.

A very calm annoyed Jeanne Meyers called the 911. She reported that her “friend” Tamla Horsford was laying face down in her back yard dead and she was unresponsive. With alibi in tact, Jeanne calmly walks the 911 dispatcher through her night. And how she came to find Tamla. And even by her own admission she did not attempt or try to revive Tamla. Instead she left her lying face down in her back yard as she passed the phone off to her boy friend. Likewise. Jose Barrera announces hisself to the 911 dispatcher by name and then coldly and calmly describes the scene in front of him. Tamla Horsford is dead.

The 911 dispatcher and Barrera have similar training. But for reasons only known to him and Jeanne he did not attempt to offer Tamla aide. He however tried bending back her leg instead of checking for a pulse. Tamla Horsford laid wounded and discarded like an animal hit by car. And the homeowners only concern was how this incident would effect her rates.

While on the phone with the 911, the dispatcher asked Barrera if he knew if Tamla Horsford was still alive and did he check. He states he touched her leg and it was stiff, and he also points out an injury on Tamla’s wrist. As the 911 call records says, operator continues to question Barrera to get some basic information on Tamla Horsford. All Barrera is interested in doing is confirming his girlfriends alibi everyone was partying having a good time and she fell off the deck when no one was around.

At least 5 people stood over Tamla Horsford as the passed around the phone. Jeanne Meyers, Jose Barrera , Jennifer Morrell, nor Madeline Lombardi attempted to provide aide to Tamla Horsford. She either lay dead or dying at Jeanne Meyers Cumming home for hours. Not a single person, by their own statements made to police tried to help Tamla Horsford. From a logical stand point, a woman weighing 160 lbs and falling 15 feet should not have died. I refuse to drink the kool-aide that Forsyth county sheriff is serving. We were to originally believe and accept that she suffered her injuries from a ground level fall as speculated by Detective Christian.

No point while the police were present at 4450 woodlet ct did they treat the area where Tamla had died as a crime scene. Det. Christian instead walked around trying to find the blade of grass that she tripped over and broke her neck. And yet they wonder why Michelle Graves yells foul.

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