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Admin Mar 05

The sole purpose of this site is to draw attention to the tragic death of Tamla Horsford. A lot of crimes against women of color go under reported or not reported at all. A lot of times victims are blamed for crimes against them even used as a justification as to why they died.

When Tamla died, there was no news coverage about this. Her death was suspicious and instead of treating it as a crime scene and gathering evidence, the Forsyth county sheriff’s office looked at if it were accidental.

Multiple inconsistent statements from “witnesses” to down right suspicious and guilty behavior were all over looked. According to the sheriff’s office, Tamla Horsford did this to herself. Her injuries and death were all caused by her actions. This is the narrative that the sheriff’s office and party goers would like for the public to believe.

Tamla Horsford arrived to football moms themed overnight birthday party for the homeowner, Jeanne Meyers. Mrs. Horsford arrived with a bottle of Tequila in hand ready to drink. Which is why she was found dead, face down with multiple blunt force injuries. A deadly combination of alcohol, THC, and Xanax rendered Mrs. Horsford to accidentally fall 15 feet to her death while attempting to stand on a propane tank while trying to smoke a cigarette before bed.

Knowing Forsyth county’s history , along with their competence the story stinks and they are full of shit. All of the information on this site is related to the Horsford case in some way. It is clear there is more to the story.

If you are a woman of color you are Tamla Horsford. She could be you, your sister, mother, daughter, wife, or close friend. #sayhername help her to get justice.

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