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Rants on Race

Dear Oprah they lied, Forsyth county is still racist

Admin Mar 16

Dear Oprah,

They lied, Forsyth county is still racist. Terribly racist.

When you came to Forsyth county in the late 1980’s I was an infant. Now as an adult in my early 30’s I can personally say that, yes Forsyth county is still racist. If they saw otherwise, they are lying.

Oprah Forsyth County

Oprah Forsyth County

They only difference between 1987 and 2019 is that they are more strategic with their racism. Instead of men in white robs shouting the N word, they are now judges imposing higher bonds and harsher sentences. They are police abusing their discretion, they are employers not extending the same job offers, pay and benefits. They are even victims lying saying that a crime was committed when in fact there wasn’t.

Even the way victims are treated when the perpetrator is white is almost criminal. This is more dangerous than words hurled words with a history of hate. This is Forsyth county 2019.

Every year, there is at least 1 scandal from the sheriff’s office. Like in 2016 Jailer pleads guilty to sexual assault of inmate. He was granted a low bond of $5,000 and 120 of PDC followed with 15 years on probation. He used his position to sexually take advantage of inmate and he is not going to prison. Even this year a form Chief guilty of sexual assault on teen. Again, no prison on probation.

These are the worst kind of criminals, sexual creeps taking advantage of victims they have control over, and all they are getting is low bonds and probation. Young black teens are getting higher bonds and prison for minor drug offenses.

Racism has evolved from racial slurs to institutional racism in the form of lengthy prison sentences.

Tamla Horsford isn’t the exception to what goes on in Forsyth county. Tamla was a loving and doting mother. Who died under very suspcious circumstances, in Forsyth county. People stood over her a total of 4 people and not a single one attempted to provide her aide. 911 didn’t even dispatch medical. They took the callers word that she may possibly be dead, after saying they haven’t checked.

She continued to lay face down, as people stood around her talking. Until the coroner collected her and took her to the GBI headquarters. In a body bag.

Don’t allow the offbeat lip sync videos they pander to give the false illusion things have changed. Because they haven’t.

A lot of the people in those videos from the late 1980’s are still alive in thriving in Forsyth county. They are even teachers. Mean to tell me none of her fellow teachers knew she was racist? She felt that comfortable to post this on her social media so I am sure she has made plenty of off base racial remarks before. Racist idiots don’t become racist over night. Jane Wood Allen was a Forsyth county teacher, but thanks to social media, she is no longer employed in a teaching capacity.Teacher Fired for racist comments in Forsyth county

Jane wood Allen racist Forsyth County

Jane Wood Allen Forsyth teacher fired


In 2016 71% of the population in Forsyth county voted for Trump.   In 2019 instead Klan garb, there is MAGA hats and yard signs. A candidate that openly confessed disdain toward minorities and women, is the same candidate Judges and even the Sheriff voted for. They purposely withhold reporting hate crimes to the FBI. Forsyth isn’t progressive, they are racist. Proud Maga hat wearing racist and bigots.

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