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Former Forsyth county jailer Noah Boswell guilty of sexual assault.

Admin Jul 22


Noah Boshwell

Noah Boswell photo via FOX5

Former Forsyth jailer guilty of sexual assault on inmate.

Under the “do what I want” reign of former Forsyth county sheriff Duane Piper, Boswell was only fired. Unluckily for Boswell, Piper was ousted as sheriff in 2016.

Newly elected sheriff Ron Freeman, got rid of most of the yes men hired by Duane Piper. He throughly examined various personnel files. After a re-investigation, Boswell was charged and subsequently indicted for sexual assault.For what is “presumed” to be consensual sex with a female inmate.

One commenter on facebook noted

Having worked in a jail facility it was well known that inmates often don’t have the upmost priority in personal hygiene as in showering every other or third day. Hmm, maybe he was into “stanky leg” fo real!!


Disgusting. After his arrest he was released on a very low $5000 bond. Boswell then entered into a plea arraignment that including only 120 days in PDC and 15 years probation. Again I am not sure what is more disgusting, his actions or the perceived leniency given to a disgraced Forsyth county employee. The honorable chief magistrate judge Bagley was the presiding judge on this case.

Normally us justice warriors would frown upon a LEO being petty. But in this case, if he is going to hold the boys in brown accountable, then get your petty on Mr. Freeman. A lot of the crime that happens in Forsyth county goes unnoticed because it is committed by someone hiding behind a badge. I am sure cases like Boswell will not be the last we hear of, coming out of Forsyth county. Like Frank Huggins the Former Chief guilty of sexual battery of minor  . But we would be more impressed if these creeps got sentences that reflected the nature of their crimes.

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