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Forsyth county closes the Tamla Horsford case and rule death accidental

Admin Mar 05

Forsyth county Sheriff’s department would like for you to believe that they have completed a full and exhaustive investigation into Tamla Horsford death. And that they are so proud of there work that they held a press conference and even invited media to show that they do not have a mad man / or woman on the loose that is throwing people off balconies in the middle of the night. A total of 300 man hours and they concluded that Tamla’s Horsford death was tragic, but accidental by her own doing.

Major Joe Perkins dressed in his Sunday’s best, red face and eyes big awkwardly and shyly stood in front of various local media outlets and cleared his throat, he was full shit and about to tell a lie. No lie detector was needed to know this. But we watched.

The real reason why Perkins addressed the media is because it was getting hot. Three months have passed, no arrest were made and until this point no official cause of death was known. Perkins had rehersed his speech in the mirror more times than the choir boy on Easter. He made sure to speak slowly and to draw out his words.

Perkins conveniently left out that Mrs. Horsford suffered multiple blunt force injuries, some of which were post mortem. As per the states of everyone in that house on that night, everyone saw Mrs. Horsford drinking, no one that she was drunk or did she display any behaviors that she may pose a danger to herself, such as stumbling and falling down. She is seen on video a few hours before her death laughing, singing and even balancing herself on a single foot as she talks to and hold up a very drunken Jennifer Morrell.

Tamla St. Jour- Horsford was an Island girl. She enjoyed summer and spring and loathed everything below 60 degrees. On November 4th 2018 at the time of her death the temperature was between 35-42 degrees. It was cold. But Tamla was found shoeless only wearing socks and her jacket was thrown about on top of her bag which was in the house. Her husband stated in an interview that it was unlike his wife to walk outside without shoes. She was a clean freak. But Joe Perkins wants you to believe she was outside alone at 1:30 / 2:30 am wearing only socks and a onesie in November. He also wants you to believe that the investigation was thorough. You can watch his bullshit press conference below.


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