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Forsyth sheriff closes Tamla Horsford death investigation case

Admin Mar 05

Major Joe Perkins, Nervously addresses the press stating the Forsyth sheriff’s closes case for Tamla Horsford and investigation into her death.

Major Joe Perkins pulled out all the stops for his tv appearance. Dressed in his Easter Suit and freshly buzzed cut.

After the case status closed, Reading from a well written and even better rehearsed script. Major Joe Perkins begins to feed us the public and the media, crap. Not sure if he believes that Forsyth County sheriff’s department is made up of world class detectives and that “They can solve any crime by dinner time”

He begins to read slowly making sure to pause and look around the room as he emphasizes on ” accidental” and “no foul play” while keeping a straight face as he says “completed a thorough investigation that included 300 man hours” And now officially case status closed for investigation into Tamla Horsford death. Yet, we no more today then they did on November 4th.

Major Perkins conveniently leaves out key areas of the case that was blundered and messed up. From the moment his deputies arrived on the scene this “incident” was treated as an accident. Detective Christian even went so far as to say that Mrs. Horsford feel at ground level, by tripping over a small object in the yard. Which sounded good to him, and so that is what they went with. Until the GBI coroner Andrew Koopmeiners, gave Christian a call and said it would have been impossible for her injuries to have occurred from a ground level fall.


Detective Christian, at this moment leaned back into his chair. He slowly placed his pen in his mouth while flipping through crime scene photos. Bouncing various illogical scenarios back and forth until they both agree she didn’t trip, she fell from the deck.

Mrs. Horsford’s post mortem injuries including a broken wrist. Or that his detectives failed to collect any evidence from the crime scene.The post mortem report didn’t satisfy why the case status closed.

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