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Homeowner and guest sue friend of Tamla Horsford for defamation

Admin Mar 05

Jeanne Meyers, the homeowner of the house where Tamla Horsford was found dead under suspicious circumstances, on November 4th 2018 at her Forsyth county residence, along with other attendee’s who survived the overnight slumber party are Michelle Wynn Graves for defamation.

Monday, Feb. 25, Eric Tatum associate attorney at Banks Stubbs & McFarland filed a lengthy frivolous lawsuit alleging that the defendant has made numerous libel statements online that they were “responsible for the death and/or that they aided and abetted the murder” Tamla Horsford.

The Forsyth County sheriff’s office held a press conference stating they closed their “investigation” into the suspicious death of Mrs. Horsford and that her death was accidental and her injuries are consistent with that. The sheriff’s office representative failed to mention that Mrs. Horsford suffered multiple post mortem injuries including a broken wrist, where the bone broke through the skin, and there was no evidence of blood where say lay, which anyone with common sense would draw the conclusion that she were moved.

In the lawsuit Meyers et al v. Graves, Tatum states that his clients – Jeanne Meyers, Nichole Lawson, Stacy Smith, Thomas Smith, Bridget Fuller, Marcy Hardin and Jose Barrera – have suffered “irreparable damage” to their character, reputation and business as a result of the statements allegedly made by Graves.

The lawsuit fails to mention the multiple failed attempts by the above mentioned plaintiffs to harass and or intimidate Mrs. Graves. One of those instances was documented and subsequently lead to the firing of Jose Barrera. This is the second documented court action that Jeanne Meyers has taken against Michelle Graves.

The complaint lists 13 posts allegedly made on Graves’ Facebook account naming each of the plaintiffs and making various statements about Horsford’s death. The complaint also failed to mention multiple facebook posts by Jeanne Meyers where she alleuded that she knew more than what was known about the death of Mrs. Horsford.

“Defendant made these false statements maliciously with the intent to injure Plaintiffs by accusing Plaintiffs of committing murder and/or aiding and abetting the same, behaviors that are so repugnant, debased and immoral that it could exclude Plaintiffs from society,” the complaint states. “Defendant’s intentions have been carried out, as some of the posts have been seen more than 100,000 times.” Also posted multiple times was the news story that pushed this case into the spotlight, Jose Barrera’s firing from the Forsyth county sheriff’s department. Jose’s behavior was menacing, which multiple people have point out online when reposting that story, even saying “his actions are that of a guilty man, trying to desperately cover his tracks”

The lawsuit also states that due to the widespread attention the incident received online, Graves’s alleged claims have made the plaintiffs and their families fear for their safety. Banks Stubbs & McFarland LLP previously stated that since Horsford’s death, their clients have received death threats on multiple social media platforms.

Social media has been very vocal in regards to the handling of this investigation. That no evidence was collected, the scene and victims items where contaminated and that an arbitrary agency should have handled this investigation due to the fact of the personal relationship that Jose Barrera has with multiple police and investigators at Forsyth Co sheriff’s office.

Jeanne Meyers is using her mothers money to try and hush Mrs. Graves. Had it not been for the attention Jose Barrera brought to this case, it is possible that no one outside of Forsyth county would have heard about the death of Tamla Horsford.

Forsyth county lacked the knowledge, training, and integrity to perform such a sensitive investigation. There are several alarming things about this case that does not sit well with the public.

This lawsuit is nothing more than an attempt to silence Mrs. Graves. We pray for her strength and determination. Michelle Graves is that Gayle that everyone wants to have. God Bless.


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