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Jeanne Meyers suspicious interview into Tamla Horsford’s Death

Admin Mar 16

Jeanne Meyers interview is suspicious and unprofessional. Why was Jeanne Meyers allowed to barge into the room where her aunt Madeline Lombardo was being interviewed? Why did she try to “bribe” detectives with gift cards?

Jeane Horsford

Jeanne Meyers

Jeanne Marie Meyers is the 45 year old homeowner were Tamla Horsford was killed. She is also the much older girlfriend of Jose Barrera who is a 27 year old chronically unemployed LEO.

Nothing about Jeanne Meyers interview makes sense. Logical sense. Let me explain.

  • She states that it was cold outside that day. November in Georgia is going to be cold, there is no disputing that.
  • Tamla was found facedown with no jacket or shoes on, remember this is November in Georgia, the temp was around 38 degrees. Tamla was a black Caribbean woman. She would have been freezing. Again, she wasn’t wearing a jacket or shoes.
  • She voluntarily put her phone away. No mother, especially when they are away from their kids overnight is going to willingly give up their phone until morning. Especially for the stupid reason of “Tamla wanted her and Stacey’s phone to sleep together since she where sleeping alone. If at 1:30 , she is as wide awake as they claim, was she just going to creep around the house in the dark or hang out on the freezing patio with no jacket or shoes?
  • If Tamla had plans of sleeping over, why would she leave her bag and jacket in the common area? Why not take it up to the room where she would be sleeping.
  • This is supposed to be a “ladies night” party. Why is Jose Barrera and Thomas Smith there?
  • Why is Jeanne Meyers aunt, Madeline Lombardo knocking so “meekly” after find Tamla Horsford face down in the yard?
  • Why didn’t she immediately call 911, why did she have to get Jose?
  • Why is Jose attempting to see if he could “bend her leg” to see if rigor mortis had set in, why not CPR?
  • She also states she was “hysterical” was this after the 911 call and the police at  your house, cause I didn’t hear anything in her tone that seemed “hysterical”
  • Jeanne says she “fussed” at Tamla over the weed smoke because her boy toy is in LEO. Does she really want use to believe that only Tamla smoked that night?
  • Why is she spreading “baseless gossip” in her interview. No one NEVER known Tamla to do coke, so why would you interject that into the interview?
  • Tamla wanted to go home, is this the real reason why she didn’t have her phone so she couldn’t call for help or call her husband to come and pick her up??

The interview was done by Michael Edward Christian and CPL Sexton. The interviewers only ask basic questions. Their is no follow ups done or anything. The only thing that was done , was they ask the persons of interest what happened and they took their statements and used that as an official cause of death.

If you are not outraged by this interview, then you are not paying attention. A woman is dead. And all they did is ask short dry questions.

This is Forsyth County, Yes Oprah they are still racist, as hell.

Homeowner sues friend of Tamla Horsford for asking very “Obvious questions”

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