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Forsyth 12

Jin and Juice Jenny; soccer mom busted for DUI

Admin Mar 12

Jennifer Morrell

Jin and Juice Jenny

also known as Jennifer Morrell.

Cops bust Jennifer Morrell of Cumming for DUI in October 2018. The incident in question happened in Forsyth County, one month prior to the deadly sleepover.

When pulled over a uniform deputy administered a field sobriety test. Which she failed miserably, sort of like a cheap Channel knock off ripping at the seams.


Jennifer then booked and placed into a pair of silver bangles. Unlike Tiffany’s, these do not accessorize well. Instead of a complimentary keepsake, she was fitted and given Forsyth County pajamas. That will also double as day wear. Jennifer Morrell is a menopausal, middle-aged woman. She, unfortunately, looks every bit of her age, 46.

Jennifer lives in Forsyth County and is unmarried, but shacks up with Michael Pallerino. He is her partner and sperm donor. The pair share one child, a preteen daughter.

During the week,  except for happy hour, Jennifer Morrell works as a writer. Not professionally chic, like sex and the city. Just boring stuff no one would care to hear her brag about.

Because of her recent DUI Jennifer Morrell, driver’s license is in a suspended status. As they say, you cannot keep a good drunk down.

Jenn uses ride-sharing services full time like; Uber. This is due in part to a pesky one-year license suspension. She could be seated in a pool ride next to you, soon.

MADD, Mothers against drunk drivers claim drunk assholes cause about 300,000 accidents, 10,000 deaths and 200,000 injuries annually, because of DUI.

Several of the Forsyth 12 eyewitnesses wrote statements claiming during the house of horrors sleepover, Jennifer Morrell appeared to be drunk.

If you or someone you love, struggles with alcohol addiction, Alcoholics Anonymous is one of the many resources out, to help.


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