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Jose Barrera interview for the death investigation of Tamla Horsford

Admin Mar 16
Jose Barrera

Jose Barrea vis WsbTv

Jose Barrera investigation interview into the death investigation of Tamla Horsford is comical. Detective Christian was more interested into what food they had, not what actually happened.

I have a lot of issues with the interview of Jose Barrera, more so the “interviewing of him”. Clearly in my opinion Detective Christian is either friends with directly or indirectly with Barrera. Or he is only going through the “motions” of asking him questions.

  • Why is he wanting detail on the types of food that was present at the party? Like seriously detective Christian, a woman is dead, and you are concerned about getting information on what they were eating, wtf.
  • So Jose’s definition of checking on Tamla was attempting to bend her leg back. I understand that Jose was the YOUNGEST person that night, considering these were all Jeanne Meyers friends and she is a good 20 years older than him, but come on.
  • So Jose Barrera didn’t have enough sense to roll Tamla over and do CPR?
  • Someone is laying face down unresponsive and all you can think to do is to try and bend her leg?
  • Why did Jose and Christian have conversations about the investigation before the interview?

If you are not outraged you are not paying attention. Hey Oprah! They lied, Forsyth county is still racist.

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