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Rants on Race Tamla Horsford

Forsyth county the home of lies, corruption and coverups

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Forsyth County the home of lies, corruption, and coverups

Jose Barrera Exposed

Jose Barrera Exposed

 When arriving officers saw Barrera, they should have called a higher up, immediately.

Everyone in the Sheriff’s office knows him. For integrity and transparency alone another agency should have taken over.
When word got around Tamla was dead, Jeanne invited her friends and family over to get closure, and to say she didn’t do it.

Lee didn’t come, but a few of her friends including Michelle came. Like a tour guide Jose pranced around the backyard, giving his recollections of events, and all the evidence he found and how he could solve the case before detectives came. As he crouches down to show how he bent her leg back, Michelle stopped him.

Um excuse me? What do you mean bending her leg? Why did you touch her leg? Michelle Wynn Graves

He fucked up. Michelle’s bullshit meter was at an all-time high, and Jose Barrera was radioactive because he set her the fuck off. She left, the next day she called detectives with her concerns, and the following day, and the day after. With a lot of things said, nothing was consistent or added up. How were they able to determine it was an accident so fast? 

She spoke with a supervisor, and then the sheriff and they met her with so much hostility.

She contacted Lauren, the coroner. But they shook him and didn’t want to have anything to do with it or overstep boundaries in the sheriffs’ office, again.  Barrett already told him about a false allegation he was ready to spin. He didn’t need the drama; he didn’t care. They involved the GBI, and no his office has little to do with the case now. The investigation wasn’t his anymore. Too much was at stake and there would have been too much work to do.

In the previous two posts, I gave you a back story and history of the current sheriff, and I even provided you with receipts, these aren’t just allegations. Ron Freeman is corrupt as hell. 


Dirty Andy Kalin

Dirty Andy Kalin

One supervisor on the case was Andy Kalin.  Kalin was previously Barrera’s direct supervisor at the courthouse and his good friend. They only hired Kalin because he helped Ron campaign, and Piper refused to hire him. Kalin told Barrera about Michelle asking a lot of big questions about the case. He went as far as contacting her ex-husband and calling her a “conspiracy theorist.”

Andy Kalin and Chris Shelton

Andy Kalin and Chris Shelton

There should have been an investigation into Kalin, him and Barrera are great girlfriends, they even worked at the courthouse together. So When Kalin talked to Michelle, who was asking a lot of questions out loud, he told Barrera, and what did Barrera do? Hopped on his work computer legs crossed and was determined to find out who Michelle was and what she was saying. Then he gave the information to his cougar, and she gave it to the other ladies.


Andy Kalin and Jose Barrera are friends; this is not speculative; it’s a fact. Their prior dealing comes from, Kalin being his supervisor at the courthouse. Kalin admitted to Michelle initially, Barrera gave him not one but three inconsistent stories about what happened that night. He also said he “knew better” when she mentioned him bending Tamla’s leg back. And he admitted that he had a personal relationship with Jose. That was on November 9th.

On December 19th, Michelle went to file a police report because someone stole her information. She mentioned to Kalin that the present parties were trying to get her arrested for stalking, and she felt they were trying to intimidate her because she was asking too many questions.


Kalin, red-faced and pointing a gnarled, dry almost erect finger, At Michelle as he got in her face. It was a cheap attempt to intimidate her. He threatened that he would come to just her job so she could feel what it feels like to be harassed. He then denied saying he and Jose were friends, they were only acquaintances through work.


Michelle then went to report Kalin’s threatening and unethical behavior to internal affairs, and SGT Garrison refused to take a written statement and would only accept a verbal description of what happened. Which he followed up with her to say, “Even though Kalin was rude he did not threaten you. Therefore, this would violate police ethics.”

Forsyth Sheriff Office has no ethics.

None of the Forsyth 12 liked that Michelle was causing a big fuss. The explanation of her falling, to them, sounded good. Made the most sense, for them to believe. Why couldn’t Michelle take that and accept it? The more questions Michelle asked; the problems it caused because those were questions they could not answer.

It was December, and it was getting hot.

Jeanne Meyers, then goes out and gets a TPO taken on Michelle, and claims she is stalking her. She and her witnesses go to court, and Michelle gets her chance to question them, finally. All the questions she wants to ask because they made their bed and now they have to get on the stand. They crack, and then they dismissed the TPO.


Jeanne and her ex-husband Matt Meyer tell Michelle when the toxicology results come back you will see why she fell. Toxicology? How do they have the toxicology when her own family does not?


Let’s break this down.


Jose Barrera is a former Forsyth Co employee. And he is good girlfriends with many people at the sheriff’s office, including the investigation supervisor Kalin, Kalin and the sheriff Ronnie Freeman go back, way back. And there is Chris Shelton, and Ron Freeman loves that little bigot. Both Kalin and Chris helped his campaign.


So when investigated and pressured of the threat of the GBI being more involved; They fired Barrera. Kalin who is friends with the deputy coroner Shelton, Got the results early and shared it with Barrera, who told Jeanne and she told everyone.


We have been able to establish that Ron Freeman has no integrity or issue with lying. He’s lied in Brookhaven when he replaced paperwork in his racist friends’ file. And he has proven over the last 10 years he will never discipline someone that is his friend.


Andy Kalin, Jose Barrera’s good girlfriend was in a rush to close this investigation, why? What is his trying to cover up for his friends?


Investigator A.H. Kalin (B2637_ reported (including typos):

On Wednesday February 20, 2019 @0910 I placed a call to Dr. Koppenmeier of the GBI medical examiner’s office in regards to his autopsy report in the Horsford case. I explained to the doctor that we, Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office are closing this case today. I asked Dr. Koppenmeier if he was comfortable with the following statement, “the deceased injuries along with the investigative findings from the scene, conclude that this death was an accident as a result from a fall consistent with the height of the deck and railing to the ground below”. Dr. Koppenmeier said this was an accurate and appropriate statement in this case. that he was in full agreement with.

That was the end of the conversation and we hung up. [02/20/2019 09:52, AHKALIN, 2140, FCSO]

Andy Kalin

Andy Kalin



Aside from Kalin rush to close the case, Jose, Madeline, and Jeanne sat at a table together and worked on their statements? Like why would you want these stooges corroborating their stories together where is the integrity?

Investigator M.E. Christian (B2775) indicates that when he arrived and was being briefed by Lt. S. Spriggs, that the homeowner, her boyfriend, and aunt were sitting at the table working on their statements (See page 9 of the Investigation report).

3 stooges

3 stooges

Was Jeanne trying to manipulate Madeline, was her busting in on her interview with gift cards an attempt to cover something up?

And despite Jose saying his much older girlfriend Jeanne’s house had cameras we are supposed to believe that her batteries have been dead for 3 months and her cameras didn’t work? I know Jeanne has a few pocket rockets stuffed in her sock draws she could have swapped batteries from.

Why didn’t detective collect all the evidence while he was there, the email dated 15 days after they found Tamla? Do you know what a person can do in 15 days? The good Lord created everything in 7, and we are to believe that this investigation was thorough and full of integrity?

Jeanne Arlo email

Jeanne Arlo Email


Part 2: The Real House Wives of Forsyth County

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