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Thomas Smith interview

Admin Mar 26

November 20th, 2018

Thomas Smith is the husband of Stacy Smith, she is the planner of the deadly party. This interview took place 2 weeks and 2 days after Tamla Horsford was killed.

A few issues that I have with Thomas Smith’s interview. First the delay in him being interviewed. It took Forsyth County¬†investigators an entire two weeks to interview him. If Thomas and Stacy left at 8:00 am, did they not notice Tamla’s things still sitting where they were the night before? If Tamla wanted to leave and go home so badly why didn’t Thomas or his wife call her husband to pick her up rather than telling her she couldn’t leave?

Was Tamla Horsford forced to stay at a party against her will?

    • Knew that this was a “ladies only party” and invited himself after Jose Barrera stated he would invite himself.
    • Thomas Smith mentions that there may have been one or two girls there that smoked occasionally.

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