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Ryan Cameron Exclusive interview with father of Tamla Horsford

Admin Feb 20
Ryan Cameron Interview
Radio Host Ryan Cameron

Top Atlanta radio host Ryan Cameron interview with the father of Tamla Horsford. Moments after Forsyth Co sheriff offices held a press conference to announce the closing of the investigation into Tamla Horsford death.

Ryan Cameron interview with Tamla Horsfords father Kurtland St. Jour after Major. Joe Perkins press release. While on the phone with Ryan, Mr. St. Jour was unaware that conference had ended and he states he was not notified prior. Ryan played back the audio for Mr. St. Jour.

Maj. Perkins dressed in his Sunday’s best, reads from a well prepared statement. He goes on to say that Tamla Horsford death was accidental and non of her injuries are from foul play. But are consistent with a fall. Thus concluding the investigation.

Mr. St. Jour says that he is relived that the case is closed. Because now his attorney Ralph Hernandez can start his investigation. Mr. St. Jour tells in Ryan Cameron interview a second private Autopsy has already been performed. Her injuries and how she was found do not coincide with the narrative the sheriff wants him to believe. He goes on to say that

something “fishy” is going on. Tamla had multiple post mortem injuries. Including a broken wrist and the bone had punctured the skin. He believes that were she lay was not were she was injured. There was no blood anywhere on her or near her.

The Forsyth County sheriff’s department called Mr. St. Jour a few days before the press conference to ask if he had any information that could help with the investigation. Mr. St. Jour informed them that was their job to gather information in order to solve the case.

Jose Barrera feed the detectives and the police his narrative of how Tamla died. That Tamla was left alone and went out to the deck to smoke a cigarette. She may have climbed on a propane tank. While smoking she some how lost her balance and feel 15 feet to her death.

On November 4th 2018 between 12am -2am it was 37 degrees outside. Forsyth county wants us to believe that a woman that grew up in hot climates and frequently wore jackets indoors when the temperature dropped below 70 was out side bare foot in only pajamas.

Jeanne Meyers aunt Madeline Lombardo lived in the basement of her home. Her window was adjacent to where Tamla body was found. She didn’t hear a 160 lb woman fall in front of her window?

There was no sign of a lighter nor cigarette , Jose conveniently unknowing moved them as he walked passed. The people who left around the same time it is believed that Tamla died heard nothing?

<a href=”The investigation of Tamla’s death was closed due to the fact the https://justicefortam.org/forsyth-county/”</a> <a>sheriff’s</a> office did not like the attention they were getting.

Sandra Rosewas the first to share this story on her blog, other media news outlets have started to cover it as well.


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